Choosing the Right Bicycle Bag for Your Needs

What do you expect from a bicycle bag? Is just a small box for storing toolboxes and smartphones, or a real backpack that is large enough (but not too bulky) to carry additional supplies?

Whatever your needs, we suggest three types of bicycle bags that you can choose according to your preferences and needs.

Cycling Backpack

Cool and fashionable cycling backpack

Backpack for cycling is slightly different from a normal backpack in terms of size and design. When riding a bicycle, you certainly don’t want to burden your back with a large backpack (more than 20L). Large backpack is more commonly used for camping or hiking. You need a more comfortable and efficient container to store important needs such as water bottles, gadgets, wallets, gear, and other items.

Cycling backpack is specifically designed with a relatively simple size (around 15-18L), an ergonomic and slim design, and made of waterproof material (or equipped with a waterproof cover) so that your items remain safe and dry even in conditions of rain.

  • Pros: more spacious.
  • Con: it might be tiring because it involves you your body physically carrying it, especially for distant cycling routes.

Front Tube Bag

Front tube bicycle bag

Front tube bag is a bicycle bag that is suitable for anyone who always want to make sure small items are safe in their place, while being able to access smartphone at all times. Given the position of the place, this kind of bag typically has small and compact size.

The advantage of the front tube bag is that it is usually equipped with a smartphone compartment at the top, with a transparent and touch sensitive surface. The aim is to enable you to operate the gadget while cycling, such as to monitor maps and GPS.

  • Pros: Small and efficient, easier installation, in some types you can access your smartphone through a transparent screen protector.
  • Con: limited capacity.

Saddle Bag

Bicycle saddle bag

As the name implies, the saddle bag is specifically designed to be installed at the bottom of your saddle. Its position makes you unable to monitor or access it directly. However that means avoiding distractions so that you can focus on road routes and sights.

Same with the front tube bag, the saddle bag is relatively small so you can only store crucial and small items such as wallets, smartphone, sunglasses, peripherals, repairing gear, and the like.

  • Pros: Can avoid distraction.
  • Con: Small and limited, installation may be a little complicated.


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